Alec Lightwood
Photo Alec 01
Vital statistics
Type Nephilim
Age 18
Residence Unknown
Alexander "Alec" Gideon Lightwood is a Shadowhunter and the eldest of the Lightwood children.

Alexander Lightwood was the eldest child born to Robert and Maryse Lightwood. Born in Idris, Alec was, along with his parents, exiled from their homeland and was banned from returning unless on official Shadowhunter business. Two years after him, his sister, Isabelle, was born, and his younger brother Max was born when he was nine. When he was eleven years old, Jace Wayland was adopted into their family and Alec had an instant liking for Jace and they eventually became parabatai. It is not believed that Alec knows anything about his father being unfaithful just before his mother fell pregnant with Max.


Despite their similar looks, Alec is very much the opposite of his sister in the sense that he is self-conscious and serious. 

Magnus describes Alec as straightforward, and Alec says that he is blunt, as it is the only way he knew to be.

Alec is very protective of his family and assumes the most responsibility as the oldest of his siblings. He and Jace are parabatai, meaning that they are warriors who fight together and are closer than brothers.

He seems to pride himself in being allowed into the Court in City of Glass, him being the only one of the Lightwood children to go.

Alec is often soft spoken and serious in most situations. He tries his best to act wisely, and is shown not be as brave as Jace is; but cautious.

Alec is often soft spoken and serious in most situations. He tries his best to act wisely, and is shown not be as brave as Jace is; but cautious.

He shows himself to be extremely caring of the ones he loves, and is willing to do anything to save them, also he is said to be "easily guilted". Between the whole group, Alec is the most clever. Alec, as seen in City of Fallen Angels, can also become extremely jealous.

Physical Description

Alec is described as having a thin, wiry build, black hair and striking blue eyes.


Nephilim Abilities

  • Angel Blood: All Shadowhunters have some of the angel, Raziel's, blood in their veins. This gives Shadowhunters the ability to survive having runes marked on their skin.
  • Marks: Alec has had several Marks placed on his skin, including healing, strength, stealth, and stamina runes as well as the eye shaped Mark that helps with weapons and the bonding Mark created by Clary in City of Glass.
  • Superhuman Physiology: Shadowhunters have physical abilities superior to mundane humans, which are separate from abilities gained from runes.
    • Superhuman Strength
    • Superhuman Agility
    • Superhuman Stamina
    • Superhuman Coordination

Jace and Alec run into Azura and Arthur when they go on their own quest to find answers on how to stop whatever is happening in Asgard.