Vicki and Grell are together in the Reaper Library where Vicki is reviewing the notes from the last meeting where Vicki is complaining about the amount of work that their (The reaper's) boss William T. Spears has given them.  Grell, even though he agrees, likes being teamed up with her.  Ronald  enters with the comment that he has gotten overtime again.  When Grell leaves them Vicki and Ron start to converse and start to talk about the new American recruits.  Melissa, hiding out in the shadows of the doorway, is one of these recruits.  She approaches the two reapers and starts to talk with them.  Ron, delighted to have another female reaper about, takes an immediate liking to Melissa and starts to flirth with her, to Vicki's disgust.  Eventually Vicki and Melissa learn that they both have a singing/siren reaping power.  This leades Melissa into how she came to the Reaper Library; she was kicked out of her home after killing too many people with her singing.