Wembley sits in the cave he shares with Gobo pondering before getting up, getting his bongo drums and going to The Great Hall where he sits and sings "Here to There". Gobo meanwhile is exploring a cave past The Crystal Caverns when he decides to turn around and head back.  He arrives at The Great Hall and goes over to Wembley.  The two friends sit and talk and Gobo tells Wembley that he, Gobo, has discovered a cave and would like his friends to come along.  Gobo heads back to his cave to brepare backpacks while Wembley goes to round up their friends. He finds Red and Mokey in their cave, both agree to the adventure, and together they convince a reluctant Boober, who had been doing laundry in his cave to the tune of "I'm Never Alone", to join them.  They then head back to Gobo and Wembley's room where they all pick up their backpacks and follow Gobo to the cave he found.