this is me, Jaira

My name is Jaira Aceso Esa Laskaraki, and I am 15. I am the daughter of Aesculapius "Asclepius", and my mother is the Norse Goddess of healing Eir.

Some people have said that it is wrong for my mom and dad to be together because one is Greek and the other is of Nordic ancestry... but what do they know?!Half-Greek and Half-Nordic is what makes me, well... me.

From the day of my birth, until the age of 10 I lived with my adopted "father" Lucian in New Jersey. As a kid, I would dream of a light haired guy with hypnotic blue eyes and as I hit puberty, the dreams became more frequent. I could feel his presence and hear his voice, whenever and wherever I went. It was difficult being in class, and all of a sudden you'd see a face of a person you don't know whispering things to you.

Two months after I turned 10, Lucian got a letter from my mother. My mother wanted me to come home - to Asgard and learn some important skills from her.

I am currently learning the art of healing in various forms; researching the outcomes of certain medicines, concocting new remedies as well as learning more about my Nordic background.

Oh, one more thing... I'm preparing to meet my betrothed and star of my dreams, Ragnar Halvorsen.