Ronald Knox
Vital statistics
Type Grim Reaper
Age Unknown
Residence Crystaldawn

Ronald Knox is a Grim Reaper, sent to work with William T. Spears as an extra personnel. Occasionally, he works as the subordinate of Grell Sutcliff.


Ronald is a young man with yellow-green eyes and short blond hair that is dyed black in the bottom half of his hair. He styles his hair in a wavy fashion, bringing a cowlick to the top right.

Ronald wears thick-framed, pentagonal-shaped glasses, and a watch on his right wrist. He dresses in the customary formal fashion, sporting on a suit, tie, gloves, dress shoes, and occasionally a hat.


Ronald is a rather laid back, easy-going Grim Reaper, who apparently has problems with arriving on time. He often seeks to accomplish his duties as swiftly as possible, as shown when he says he has never been one for overtime, and when he expresses his envy toward William T. Spears and Grell Sutcliff, claiming that they have gotten 'easier' jobs to complete. Despite his lackadaisical attitude, Ronald is willing to work hard, having previously declared that he will work to his best potential.

Death ScytheEdit

Ronald's Death Scythe has been modified to resemble like a lawnmower, which he states was done on the principle of avoiding overtime work.