William T. Spears
Vital statistics
Type Grim Reaper

William T. Spears is a Grim Reaper who is the supervisor of the Dispatch Management Division.


William is a tall man with short, neatly-combed, black hair, and yellow-green eyes. He wears rectangle-shaped glasses, which have four decorative lines on each side of the frames. He is often dressed in a dark suit, tie, black gloves, and dress shoes.


William is generally calm and emotionless. In regards to his job, he is strict, extremely devoted, and he follows the rules precisely. He does not take kindly to individuals who cause problems or create more work for him, particularly if it forces him to apologize for their actions.

William has no qualms with inflicting injuries on others, as shown when he jumps off a roof to land on Grell Sutcliff's head and when he uses his Death Scythe to attack Sebastian Michaelis on a few occasions.

William finds demons to be disgusting creatures, and calls Sebastian a variety of derogatory names such as "devilish fiend," "leech," "hound," and "vermin." However, he is a very decorous, dignified man, and these characteristics ultimately outweigh his hatred for demons. He is willing to display an ample amount of courtesy to them if it is the Grim Reapers who have wrongly inconvenienced them, as indicated when he apologizes to Sebastian on Grell's behalf.

Death ScytheEdit

William's Death Scythe is a pruner; a gardening tool that appears to be a long metal rod with one clipper on each end. It has a monotonous color. In the anime, it is two-toned, with the front half being silver and the back half being black and it is controlled by a handle that is midway through the rod.